Hello there! My name is Jaimie. I was born and raised in the Greater Seattle Area. 
I studied Industrial Design at the University of Washington. I worked as an Industrial Designer at Pioneer Square Brands where I gained close to 6 years of experience creating molded laptop and tablet cases from ideation to production + beyond.
I have been involved with design & art throughout my whole life. Little else brings me as much joy & fulfillment as creatively solving problems, building things with my hands, bringing something I imagined tangibly to life. I design in hopes that it can sprinkle tiny little moments of happiness in people’s lives when they come across something I have created.
When I am not designing, you might find me sketching random things, learning how to take pictures with my film cameras at the right exposure, geeking out about the latest Critical Role episode, playing video games, or watching a good TV show/movie.
I am currently looking for new design opportunities; feel free to message me via the Contact page! ​​​​​​​
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