Astral Boba

From an Intro to Blender course (created by Sonja Christoph at Schoolism), this project was to pick a type of Piaggio Ape food cart, block out, refine, light and then render. Everything was modeled, rendered (via Eevee) and animated in Blender. 
This project started with looking at different kinds of Piaggio Ape carts to decide what kind to model in Blender. I chose the cart that expands up and out to open. I used a brief generator outside of this class to bring unique aspects to include in my design.
My initial 2 concepts were a cart that sells film cameras or bubble tea. Bubble tea won because I wanted to include an asset of the machine that plastic seals the top of boba tea cups.
If I am creating a boba tea cart, I need to create a fictional boba tea company as well. The art deco pattern above and my favorite boba tea flavor, taro, inspired a darker color theme that included purple. The dark colors made me want to lean into a galaxy/space theme where the name speaks to the deliciousness of boba tea.
Astral: relating to, proceeding from, consisting of, or resembling the stars; relating to the stars or outer space
ASTRAL BOBA: Outta this World​​​​​​​
Logos and graphics for the cart surfaces, menu, and cups were created in Adobe Illustrator.
Closer view of the smaller objects I modeled for the cart. 

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